Imminent Departure

Namsan Tower, the center and most known point in Seoul, it is also the highest point in Seoul, from the top of this tower you can see the entire city. I for one am very excited because in less than 12 hours I am departing this Atlantic Coast and traveling back to the orient. My first stop SEOUL, the SOUL of Asia. It is truly one of my favorite cities in the entire world. I have friends, family and fond memories of this city that make me nostalgic for the many visits to this beautiful city.

I am going to be stopping through Seoul on my way to Beijing. Thankfully its more than a two hour layover and I will actually get to stay in town for a little longer than 2 or 3 hours. Following my stop in Seoul I am traveling to Beijing on Sunday and will officially start my year in China.

Today, things in China are a little less open than they are in the USA, and even though I want so much to post on this blog regularly the Great Firewall of China blocks all wordpress blogs. So I will not be able to post as regularly as I did during the school year. However, I do have another site that I will be able to access while I am abroad. I can send e-mails to this site that will update you all to when I have new pictures online, and where you can find them. So in the next week or so look back on this site and you should find an update that lists all of my pictures from my trip to Seoul and my first week in China.

~Ms. B

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4 thoughts on “Imminent Departure

  1. bye Ms.B !!!! thxs 4 being a good teacher who I didn’t always agree with, but was lucky to have. ❤

  2. Laural on said:

    Hi Ms. B,

    So your return to China is fast approaching. How exciting. Will you be doing any teaching?

    On another note, I’m sure you heard about the basketball brawl between the Georgetown Hoyas (my alma mater) and the Chinese team. Not a good look at all. Not sure what really caused the altercation, there’s just a lot of conjecture at this time.

    Well, school is about to start and Paris will have a new math and English teacher. I hope the fit is good. She’s very excited about this being her last year at middle school. She’s so ready for high school. BTW, thanks for completing the teacher recommendation forms.

    I wish you safe travels and look forward to reading your blog and seeing your photos. What are your plans after your year in China?


    P.S. What are your thoughts on the SSAT vs. the ISEE, both are used as entrance exams for independent schools?

    • Hello, I am so happy Paris is excited for her last year, I am sure she will do swimmingly. I heard about the Georgetown v. China fight, and saw the video it was worse than what they reported in the US a former student sent me the chinese links. But its not the first China v. US fight on the courts, and sadly it won’t be the last. They don’t play by any “real” rules over there its a lot of streetball taken to the court. Plus the refs are a little bit biased. Anyway it should be interesting to see what happens if this NBA lockout continues and the players actually do get contracts with the Chinese teams. I am sure there will be a lot of courside fights then as well, but most will probably be started by the fans. Right now I am in Seoul for the next day, and tomorrow I head off to Beijing. I will be teaching two classes a week, but thats it for now. Most of this position is writing so I will be doing a lot of that over the next 9 months. Regarding the tests the SSAT is more applicable across schools and should be considered for that reason. But really you should contact the admissions office of the school Paris is most passionate about when applying and ask them what test they prefer, that will give you a better idea of which one she should take. ~R

  3. Hi Ms.B i hope u have an awesome time in China!!! i just want to thank you so much for teaching me, you really challenged me. Have a safe trip (= byeeee

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