Pictures from Beijing


Well All,

Right now I am in Beijing finally settled into my place, for the most part, I have decided to chronicle my stay here by taking one picture every day. This picture I post will always be for the previous day. Anyway, yesterday in BJ there was a tremendous amount of smog, the pollution was truly horrible and just to prove it I wanted to show you what it looks like. As you can see this is the view from my office at work. While it looks like fog in the distance, this is around 5 pm in the afternoon, and as you can see it has stuck around all day. In the morning yesterday I could not see the blue buildings outside the window. This was taken after it cleared up enough for me to open the window to take a picture, without letting in a whole bunch of NASTY air.

Anyway thats all for now, another picture will be up tomorrow.


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One thought on “Pictures from Beijing

  1. Hey Ms. B,

    So much smog, yuck. How do you survive? Do your eyes burn? I guess you get used to it. Do you like where you are living? Look forward to seeing the next photo.


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