Morning Excercises


School has started in China yet again, and the most notable activity for students during the school day is morning excercises. Every day around 9:30 students go out to the basketball court, or soccer field to do kung fu, jumping jacks, walking excercises or numerous other activities. Yesterday the students were busy just learning how to walk on the field correctly for morning excercises, one of these days I will catch them doing Kung Fu. As you can see, the smog was not so bad yesterday, today it has been horrible so for the most part it has been an inside day for me, but this evening I am going to get downtown to Sanlitun and Ho Hai Lake, so look forwad to pictures tomorrow.

Thats all for now,


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2 thoughts on “Morning Excercises

  1. Wow, such precision. What classes will you be teaching? By the way, Paris’s new math teacher asked the students to purchase a TI-84 graphing calculator! This is what the “big boys’ use in their math classes. Math should be very interesting this year.

  2. Yes I had heard about the new classes from other students. It seems like its going to be a challenging but rewarding year for them.

    I am going to be teaching economics, for the foreseable future. I had my first classes with the kids last week, but the english level is so low, is going to be a very challening year, we may not even get much econ in. I foresee focusing much more on English than Economics

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