Electricity in China

I was talking to my Dad and he said one of the things he found interesting was seeing pictures of daily life, so here is something that I am sure will shock him, if not everyone else. This is the transformer that supplies power to among other things, our school, the housing development directly behind the school, the hospital across from the school. All of the power in this neighborhood goes through that little box nestled between those two poles in the middle of the street. Every day we drive down that street on our way to campus, I cannot tell you how close we get to the sides of that pole, but to say that i can reach out the window and touch the wires is not an exaggeration. As you can see from the sand surrounding the base of the poles it is a two lane road, and sometimes there are numerous cars all jockeying and merging to find some way around the parked cars and the electrical setup to get on with their business.

It was another grey day yesterday, and is again today. But I am in a good mood because today I am going to buy a new bike. I feel a bit trapped up here because I don’t have a bike, but once I get my wheels it should be a lot easier to travel around and get that little bit of independence away from the school. More pics either later today or tomorrow….


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2 thoughts on “Electricity in China

  1. Justin W. on said:

    ……….thats not good

  2. Justin W. on said:

    ……………at all

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