Morning Smog

Today you also get a second picture. I have been coughing all morning, and currently I sound like a cross between a frog and an asthmatic smoker. I am sure you can see why. Today the smog here is probably the worst I have seen here in Beijing. This is yet another example of the horrible pollution that is sucking all of the breathable oxygen out of the city.

In this picture you also get a view of the little tent residences for the construction workers that are putting up the new housing complex beside the school. Surprisingly between 5-8 men live in each tent. And the men who live there come from all over Beijing and the surrounding provinces, some even coming from the far country just to have the opportunity to work and provide some financial support for families back home.

More pics tomorrow,


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8 thoughts on “Morning Smog

  1. Where are all the beautiful places in China? This looks depressing. Will you be visiting any national sites or, have you done that already?

    • Hey, Yes I will be visiting some sites. I am going to be climbing the Nine-Eyes Tower on Saturday, which is a giant watchtower on the Great Wall of China. Then I am going to be traveling to the Summer Palace on Sunday and probably visiting a couple of other places Monday. This is a long weekend so I actually get out of the office a bit. For the most part of the day I am trapped inside, so I don’t get a chance to see the really lovely areas. I do have to work occasionally. But yes, I will get a lot more Beautiful pictures and I am SUPER excited to be going to see some of the sights.


  2. Wow. It’s like Mexico City there! I’d be dying. Cool about the workers though (they must also be dying in those tents)!

  3. Oh, and also, a hurricane and an earthquake just happened like last week. It was so freaky!!!

  4. Justin W. on said:

    Yea that wuz a little weird, the earthquake hapened a week b4 school started and the hurricane was the friday b4 it started. my house wuz out of power until tuesday, the day b4 school started

  5. Justin W. on said:

    btw, why are there advertisments on ur blog? is it that popular? do they pay u 2 put those up?

  6. oh ok

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