New Bike

So yesterday I got a new bike which I am very happy to have. I needed a bike just for that little bit of independence. Spent more than I planned, but in the end it is still worth it, because it has gears, room for a basket, a pannier on the back and will help me on my weekly trips to and from Metro.






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4 thoughts on “New Bike

  1. Pretty fancy bike; did you intentionally purchase a red bike? I know the color red is supposed to bring good luck to the Chinese.

    It’s Back to School night at HT. I’m looking forward to hearing about the math and English objectives for this year. Paris is ready to use her TI-84 graphing calculator. Woo Hoo!

  2. Yeah, I LOVE that bike! I got a TI-84 before I even knew I needed one! We miss you SOO much Ms. B. You look like you’re having an awesome time though! Can’t go to Back to School night though… my parents are busy taking us to practices and volleyball games! 😉

  3. Justin W. on said:

    nice bike. the new teacher in your place looks like she just got out of college…probably not as good as u….anyway our new teacher is ok i guess, his personality reminds me a little of mr G.

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