Climbing into the Clouds

I love this view, it is probably the best one to see in terms of looking at the sheer size and majesty of the wall. Can you believe that THOUSANDS of years ago people brought all of those bricks up the sides of these mountains to construct this gigantic path. I have been on it and I am still in awe. The builders definetly did not choose the easiet most accessible locations for watchtowers, and while I am sure that was by design it still amazes me that there is so much of this still standing today. This is probably one of my favorite pictures from the hike, and the last one I am uploading this evening. I am sorry I did not get these up sooner but I had to wait for my camera to dry out before I turned it on. As it was I lost about 50 pictures due to the fact that my lens was so fogged up or wet when I was trying to capture something. I will post more tomorrow including some shots inside one of those guardstations, and some more of the general scenery.

On a final thought. I know this is the 10 year Anniversary of 9/11 so I hope everyone takes a momement today to sit in contemplation and think about the change that has happend on this planet in the time since. While I am saddened for the life that was lost on that day, this trip has shown me that eventually the world will right itself, and that all things good and bad have their time. The world continues and the best we can do each day is live and grow in peace with each other.


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4 thoughts on “Climbing into the Clouds

  1. beautiful, ethereal, other-worldly…though walls are built to keep people in or out (or both), it says something about you that the history of the place and the brick-carrying people are in your thoughts and on a day of reflection for most Americans (and many others around the world)…lovely, thanks Rob 🙂

  2. josh hardy on said:

    hey mrs. b its joshua remeber me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hello there,

    I have not heard from you in awhile. I hope all is well. Paris and I are visting all the different high schools and trying to detemine which one is the best one for her based on her likes and dislikes. Wish us luck. Talk to you soon.

  4. Ms. B., you should be a photographer! Your pics are amazing! We all did a project on 9/11 called the I Will project. We all said what we would do for 9/11 in memory of those who were lost while being video-taped, and the videos should be on youtube now! 🙂

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