Lost in the Middle Kingdom

Now getting lost in China is like being lost in Middle Earth. There is just no good way to figure out where you are, and on a rainy day like yesterday it was just nasty. First off trails in China are not like trails in the USA or elsewhere. First off in China there are no paths, what there are are areas where the underbrush is not SO tangled together a small person can walk through. This constitutes a path. Second there are no markers, no significant landmarks, nothing to tell you if you are going the right way or the wrong way. Here you just need to know where you are going, and if you know that you are good to go.

So about 1.5 hours into the hike we got lost. Now not only were we in the middle of the wilderness of China, we were 2 hours away from the nearest phone, 3 hours away from the nearest town, and completly without cell phone reception. The little guy in the picture in the red shirt, he had a walkie-talkie with which he could talk to our base camp. He also happened to be our guide.

What was most amazing is that this was HIS first time on THIS hike, so when he got lost WE ALL were lost. In the end we went about a full kilometer out of our way and had to backtrack BACK to the path.

Despite all of that we still managed to make it up to the actual wall in good time, but for a moment the entire group was worried about making it back to civilization.


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2 thoughts on “Lost in the Middle Kingdom

  1. It is wonderful reading about your experiences. The photos transport us to the different locations. Were there many bugs or reptiles? How long did this trek take? Where did you sleep? I’m sure you didn’t make it back down before it got dark? I can live through your experiences. Give me the Amalfi Coast in Italy! That’s what I’m talking about! LOL

    • This hike took us about 6 hours to do, and while there are places to stay, we made it up and down before it got dark.

      I saw a couple of creepy crawly bugs, but they were very few and far between, and NO reptiles. One of the interesting things about China, is that there are not a whole lot of bugs here at all. The most common bug that you see is the Mosquito. Erin, my colleague says that the lack of bugs prooves just how unhealthy the environment here is. I can say I agree with her, but out here I am sure the bugs were just hiding, it was really rainy.

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