The Watchtowers to the West

For the first time since being in China this visit I felt like I was seeing the ancient lands that people had been walking on for centuries. It was breathtaking and beautiful, the watchtowers were spread across the peaks of the mountains and with the fog and rain coming in it was truly amazing.

Now shocking though it may seem, I actually climbed that hill and walked through that tower. It only had the one side but it was quite a sight to see. Those rocks you see snaking through the trees, thats what we climbed over and under, in front of me many people slipped and sent rocks tumbling to the bottom of the mountain. For that reason I stayed towards the back, I was always a bit too affraid of heights to be the one to test the rocks for steadiness.

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One thought on “The Watchtowers to the West

  1. This picture is pretty cool. You are such a trooper; you’ve braved falling rocks and all. I know how you feel when talking about ancient lands. I felt that way when I toured the Coliseum/Colosseum in Rome. It wowed me to think I was in a place where gladiators and beasts had battled. It was surreal.

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