Big Sky Country

So as I have been driving across the country and visiting all of the northern states I have been amazed at how much the sky opens up with each new landscape. My friend CS kept telling me to wait till I saw Montana because the big sky state is unparalleled in openness. I was surprised and deleted to find that she was correct. The sky in Montana truly is bigger than anywhere I have been. The mountains on the western side give way to wide flat valleys and in comparison the sky above looks miles away.

I loved the vistas in Montana it is beautiful country. It is also home to what is right now my favorite national park, Glacier National Park. Nestled way up on the western border of Montana and Canada this park is amazing. I started my visit by looking at the stars the night I arrived. With Montana’s open skies and the remoteness of Glacier it is possible to see the edge of the Milky Way. I have never seen that many stars in that concentration. It is as though there are belts of light that run across the sky. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures because while there was light there was not enough for my little camera to pickup.

After seeing the stars and getting a moderately good might sleep I explored the park. Glacier used to be home to over 100 glaciers now there are less than 30. Climate change and changing high altitude temperatures have melted the snow formations that carved out the mountains and valleys at Glacier. There are numerous streams and waterfalls flowing down sides of mountains into the most beautiful river I have ever seen. Clear aqua waters rush through the valleys and fill lakes and ponds around the park. On my visit I hiked back to Hidden Lake and while it was only a 1.5 mile hike it was exhausting at the high altitude. Despite that I can now say I have walked on a glacier and a snow flow. In the alpine region flowers grow; alpine lilies take over the empty fields. There are also animals at these high elevations. Along the drive there was a family of mountain goats grazing on the side of the valley.

All together, it was s beautiful place. Quiet, peaceful and breathtaking. If I am ever lucky enough to be in that area again it will be one place that I return to.

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